Courses & Workshops

We offer workshops and meditation courses regularly to help you find practical solutions to everyday problems. The methods we teach to improve the quality of your life are derived from the teachings of Buddha. Meditation techniques are explained and advice is given on how to overcome difficulties and develop our full potential.

Everyone is welcome! It’s not necessary to have previous experience of meditation.
Half-day courses and workshops cost £15 including refreshments.
Full-day courses cost £25 and include a light linch.

To register, please compete this online booking form


Happiness From Within

Sat 20 Jan 2:30-6pm
with Buddhist monk Gen Togden

We all wish for happiness but it continues to escape us. We tend to make much effort to improve our external conditions in order to find more happiness. However, this pursuit often leads to stress and frustration. Join this course to discover a real source of happiness. Buddha taught that happiness is a state of mind and its main causes can only be found within yourself. Come and learn how!


The Power of Mindfulness

Sat 27 Jan 2:30-6pm
with Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

We tend to get easily distracted from what is truly important in life. Even after having gone through adversity and having made a decision to improve ourself, still we often easily forget all about it. This is because our mindfulness is too weak! Join this course to discover the amazing power of mindfulness to help us remain focused and stay on course until we attain enlightenment.

Sat 10 Feb 2:30-6pm       Introduction to Buddhism with Kelsang Chogma

Sat 17 Feb 2:30-6pm        Karma: Control Your Destiny with Gen Togden

Sat 24 Feb 2:30-6pm        Meditations for Relaxation

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