Courses & Workshops

We offer workshops and meditation courses regularly to help you find practical solutions to everyday problems. The methods we teach to improve the quality of your life are derived from the teachings of Buddha. Meditation techniques are explained and advice is given on how to overcome difficulties and develop our full potential.

Everyone is welcome! It’s not necessary to have previous experience of meditation.
Half-day courses and workshops cost £15 including refreshments.
To register, please email

Death and Dying: a Buddhist Perspective

Half-day course

Saturday 25th November, 2:30 – 6pm

Teacher: Buddhist monk Gen Togden

In our society, death and dying are often perceived as inherently negative topics of conversation and are often shrouded in confusion, grief and suffering. However, Buddhism offers a completely different perspective based on a profound understanding of the process of dying, the meaning of death, and what we can do to protect ourself and help others during such a critical passage in our life. Gen Togden, our Resident Teacher, has a lifetime of experience studying, meditating on and dealing with death and dying. He talks about death with clarity, sensitivity and wisdom. Through giving teachings, guiding meditations, and answering questions, Gen Togden will help us come to terms with our own mortality, overcome fear, and be confident in helping others who are dying. It is essential to book in advance for this popular course.

Develop the Confidence to Change

Half-day workshop

Saturday 9th December, 2:30 – 6pm

Teacher: Buddhist monk Gen Togden

We are often aware that we need to make certain changes in our lives but we may be lacking the confidence we need. We also usually know that we have a far greater potential than what we are actualising at the moment. This half-day course will help you develop the confidence to change! Every teaching of Buddha is practical advice on how to improve ourself and become the person we truly want to be – someone who enjoys a meaningful life, inner peace and happiness all the time. The guided meditations and teachings by Gen Togden, an international teacher of Modern Buddhism, will empower us to develop great confidence in our potential to attain enlightenment. He will teach us methods to gradually bring about our good qualities, increase our happiness, and enjoy a more meaningful life.

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