For those interested in deepening their meditation experience the centre offers regular week long, or shorter retreats. Retreats are designed to help us focus exclusively on meditation practices without the normal distractions of everyday life.

Each day consists of four sessions based on an aspect of Buddhist practice (e.g Purification practice, or Refuge practice etc). If you cannot come to all the sessions this is o.k. Just call in when you can. The benefits gained from retreats are profound, deepen your understanding of Buddhism and can be life changing. For retreat times and sessions email us, phone us or visit the centre for further information. All the contact information can be found on the contact us page.

Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre

Relaxing weekends in a quiet and peaceful environment providing a rare opportunity to refresh your mind through meditation.

Through meditation we can learn how to relax and develop peaceful and positive states of mind. These weekend retreats introduce simple meditation techniques that help us to develop peace of mind.

The course includes practical advice on how to maintain the experience of inner peace in daily life, and time to discuss the ideas presented.

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